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Hi, we’re Colleen and Amy. We started Second-Shift Athlete to celebrate and motivate friends (and friendly strangers!) who hold down full-time jobs and rad social lives, yet still manage to reach impressive fitness goals in their limited free time. We want to be your inspiration to wake up and train, your resource for finding the best workout gear, a community to share your best practices/worst gripes, and your link to the fitness blogosphere.

What We Are:
We’re here to help you stop saying things like “Oh, I only swim sometimes, and I’m not that great,” or “Sure, I ran three marathons, but I’m not fast or anything.” We want you to stand tall and proud, to own your accomplishments, to look great doing it, and  start basking in all your Second-Shift Athlete glory.

What We’re Not:
This isn’t the place to find out how to drop 15 pounds in 15 minutes or to get the perfect anything. We’re not perfect. We’re also not doctors or personal trainers, professional athletes, or paragons of virtue. But that’s the point.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Second-Shift-athlete-amy-preiser-maozName: Amy Preiser

Location: Brooklyn, NY by way of Long Beach, CA

Job: Web Editor

My sport is: Running, biking, hot yoga, Zumba

AM or PM athlete: Weekdays PM, weekends AM

How I got started: In early 2011 I signed up for my first race with friends — a 200-mile Ragnar relay race. I trained hard knowing that if I was slow on my legs of the relay I’d be holding up 11 other people. When it was done, I miraculously kept running.

I can’t believe that I (brag a bit here): Run home from my Manhattan office a couple times a week, maintain a 15-mile-a-week benchmark, learned to ride a bike in my mid-twenties (WAY harder than as a kid).

What motivates me: The wonder of transporting myself places with my own two feet. I feel independent, strong, and victorious every time I run home from work or bike to brunch. Plus, the thrill of learning and accomplishing things I assumed I’d go my whole life without doing.

Fave workout song: Tie between Taylor Swift “We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together” and The Moth podcast

Fave piece of workout gear: Lululemon jacket. Super warm, super lightweight, super chic. Here’s a similar model.

Best advice for newbies: Start with small goals. The first time I ran one mile without stopping was a banner day.

Personal motto/mantra: Keep moving. Kill the hill. One more mile.


Name: Colleen Egan

Location: New York, New York

Job: Web editor

My sport is: Running, with a little yoga and plans to start playing tennis again.

AM or PM athlete: Ideally AM, because it makes me feel amazing all day. But sometimes I just cannot force myself out of bed that early.

I can’t believe that I (brag a bit here): Ran the Marine Corps Marathon the month after I broke my arm. The injury was painful and the PT was tough, but from a training perspective, it was most difficult to get over the fear of falling again while running outside.

What motivates me: Finish lines. I got into running after college because I missed the feeling of setting and achieving goals that I got from high school sports and writing for the school newspaper — even getting graded on exams and papers. Once I had my first job, I felt like I fell into a pretty monotonous routine of working and working out, but not working towards anything. Running gave me that.

Fave workout song:Freedom! ’90” by George Michael. Also my favorite song to dance and sing karaoke to. And don’t get me started on the brilliance of the video and all the amazing ’90s supermodels…

Fave piece of workout gear: My Bose IE2 headphones have excellent sound quality and they stay in my ears no matter how sweaty I get.

Best advice for newbies: Don’t get intimidated by mile numbers. The thought of running 26.2 miles — or even a 10-mile race — seemed impossible to me when I started. But you’ll get there.

Personal motto/mantra: “Keep your pace to finish the race.” I repeat that silly rhyme to myself during races and it’s shockingly helpful. Also, my Road ID is engraved with a favorite from my dad: “Never EVER give up.”

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