The 5 Most Annoying Workout Wardrobe Malfunctions (And How To Avoid Them!)

February 12, 2014

While activewear is generally more comfortable than regular-wear, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sometimes leave you susceptible to pretty annoying issues. Here, the 5 worst ones, and how to deal with and prevent them.


My pants keep falling down!
Deal with what you have:
Pair those loose-waist pants with the ultimate 90s accessory: A long-sleeve tee with excellent elasticity tied (tightly) over the waistband. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, snip the back of the waistband and use a safety pin to guide a new piece of elastic all the way through the waist. Tie it off (not too tightly!) and you’re good to go.
For better luck next time: 
Look at labels and ask salespeople for help to make sure you’re buying things that promise not to stretch in the wash. Or pick up detergent that’s activewear-specific to make sure you’re keeping your pieces in tip-top shape.

I can’t breathe in this sports bra!
Deal with what you have: Stretch that baby out! Soak it in hot water and stretch it over an appropriately large item (a chair back can work) to let it dry. Or stretch it out, dry, on an ironing board, pinning both sides down, and iron the elastic, letting the heat break ease the elastic. 
For better luck next time: 
Buy sports bras with adjustable clasps and make sure the one you buy feels juust right at the middle clasp so you have room to go up or down.

My shorts are riding up so much I’m giving everyone a show!
Deal with what you have: Sounds gross, but in a pinch, spray hairspray on the inner bottom edges of the shorts, or even your legs, to make them stick. 
For better luck next time:
Pick loose shorts with a split in them to help keep them down, tight shorts with clear elastic on the inner bottom edges, or go nuts and try an activewear skirt! 

My sunglasses keep slipping down my nose and almost off my face!
Deal with what you have: Use an eyeglass repair kit and tighten the screws so that the temples of the glasses stay put. You can also take them to an eyeglass shop and ask them to heat them up and bend the ends so that they wrap more snugly around your ears. If all else fails, you don’t want to hear this, but get one of those nerdtastic straps so you can secure your glasses to your head.
For better luck next time: 
Get sport-specific glasses (SSA Katie Hartman Morse recommends Oakley‘s 26.2 model for women.)

My shirt is drenched in sweat…and now it’s way too clingy and heavy!
Deal with what you have: Yes, this is the grossest-sounding of the bunch but happens all the time (hey, hot yoga friends.) If you’re only halfway through a work out and your shirt is already so soaked it’s dragging off you, gather as much of the material from the bottom as possible, wring it out, and then secure it in a loose knot that you tuck into your sports bra.
For better luck next time: Again, you’ll want to consult labels and sales associates. Choose moisture-wicking materials, seamless (or flat-seamed) pieces, and anything with mesh panels.

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