3 Activity Trackers That Look Way Better Than A Pedometer Strapped To Your Waistband

November 14, 2013

Is it weird to ask people how many steps they’ve taken? Yes. But I’ve found that people wearing these rad activity tracker bracelets are more than happy to spill. They’ll tell you where they got their steps, or why they’ve been so sedentary. It’s like a big sign that says “Talk to me about my fitness!” If you’re the kind of freak that’s into that, we’re with you. Here are the coolest of the bunch:


1. Nike+ Fuelband SE, $149 at Nike.com
Cool Feature:
 Like the others, this tracks movement and sleep but the Fuelband somehow tracks the intensity of your movements.

2. FitBit Force, $130 at Fitbit.com
Cool Feature: Tracks you wirelessly and wakes you up with a silent alarm.

3. Jawbone UP 24, $150 at Jawbone.com
Cool Feature: The best looking of the bunch, plus it identifies patterns in your movement and sleep and encourages you to make goals based on that.

5 thoughts on “3 Activity Trackers That Look Way Better Than A Pedometer Strapped To Your Waistband

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  2. Which one would you get if you wanted to track activity, sleep, and food? Do any do all three? i’ve been researching and I’m uber confused which one would be best for me!

  3. You’re right to be confused — for some reason this tech is not being explained very clearly by anyone. I bought a tracker and then ended up returning it 10 minutes later when I realized it didn’t do what I wanted it to! As of last night, I bought a Jawbone UP and can attest that it tracks activity, sleep, and food (even with a barcode scan of a yogurt! which is awesome.) And the vibrating alarm is pretty cool. I’ll keep you updated!

    • So far I’m loving it! Not crazy about the food tracking part of it but that’s a personal preference. Really love the option to track specific “activities” (even if it’s just in my locker during hot yoga) and the sleep tracking part is addictive. It even worked when I snoozed on my red-eye.

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