3 Legitimately Sexy Sports Bras

November 7, 2013

Maybe you want to get noticed by someone really good-looking in an exercise class. Or maybe you just want to feel like freaking Giselle when you’re peeling off your gross, sweaty sports bra at the end of a work out. We don’t care why you want a sexy sports bra, we just like that you do and want you to have the best. Will these guys double as lingerie? Depends on who you’re trying to impress. We bet Tom Brady would be into it.


1. V-Neck Bra with Leather Detail, $73, solowstyle.com
Faux-leather accents make it badass, while the sweat-wicking fabric of the rest of it keep it practical.

2. Antigravity Bra, $85, michiny.com 
COOL FEATURE: An (also mesh) racer back makes this one super supportive, plus, mesh=ventilation. Win-win.

3. Sporty Bralette by For Love & Lemons, $84, freepeople.com
COOL FEATURE: Really, how else are you going to work sparkle straps and lace inset into your workout? This is totally one-of-a-kind, and manages to be cool, not overly sweet.

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