How To Bike-Commute Without Being A Sweaty Mess At Work

November 6, 2013

how-to-bike-commuteYou know that co-worker that’s always at her desk early and has this lovely glow and awesome green-juice-style energy? You can be her. You can do it by bike commuting. And while in the past we’ve extolled the virtues of being sweaty in public and wearing workout gear to work, we promise this post has none of that. We want you at your desk looking polished and awesome. Here’s how:

  1. Test your route on the weekend. No successful bike-commuter wings it on the first day. Do a test run on a no-pressure day so you can accurately assess the time needed to safely get your tush from home to bike seat to desk chair.
  2. Pace yourself. When you’re timing it out, make sure you’re doing it at a speed that gets you to the office at a leisurely pace so that you’re only a little schitz-y, not dripping with sweat.
  3. Pay attention to the weather. Fall and early winter (pre-snow!) is the perfect time to bike-commute because you won’t get too hot, even if you’re pushing yourself.
  4. Dress appropriately. In layers, preferably. Comfortable pants and warmer-than-you-think-you-need gloves and socks are a must.
  5. Pack a backpack. With your work clothes. Things that won’t wrinkle easily, and ideally, that will be comfortable for riding back home in. Bring an extra pair of socks. A little make-up, face wash, deodorant, and baby wipes to help make the transition. A plastic bag is key for damp workout clothes.
  6. BIKE TO WORK! It feels awesome. Be safe.
  7. When you get to work, give yourself a few minutes to stretch and breathe. Then change into your work clothes and deposit bike clothes in plastic bag. Do your thing with the baby wipes. Don’t be stingy. Don’t forget to NOT cover your awesome glow with too much foundation. You earned it.
  8. Go about your day and try not to be too smug about your commute. Patiently await co-workers’ complaints about the subway/traffic and then go OMG well on my BIKE COMMUTE THIS MORNING… That look they’re giving you is jealousy, not annoyance. Just kidding. It’s both.
  9. If you’re looking for another way to bring up how awesome you are for bike commuting, try standing at your desk, leaning in for a deep stretch and saying Man I just feel so energized and healthy from my bike commute!!!
  10. Just kidding. Please don’t do #9. That’s the worse. Keep those feelings inside.
  11. At the end of the day, hop back on your bike in your work clothes. Don’t change into your sweaty morning clothes. Just swap in the gloves, the extra pair of socks you packed, and a warm jacket and scarf.
  12. Get home, eat dinner, feel like a boss. We salute you!

2 thoughts on “How To Bike-Commute Without Being A Sweaty Mess At Work

  1. Not worth the “burn” or the “glow” if you end up dead on the street like the Assistant at Neidermaier did after years of bike commuting in Manhattan. There is no safe way to cycle in New York City outside of the parks and protected bike lanes. It is impossible for drivers to navigate NYC traffic and be fully aware of all pedestrians and cyclists, even more so considering most cyclist do not follow basic road laws like going with traffic, stopping for red lights and hand signaling turns.

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