Crazy Low-Rise Leggings, Tennis Ball Therapy, and More: Links We Loved This Week

April 19, 2013


LOATHE: Loathe Tracy Anderson for introducing “low-rise workout leggings” into the fitness wear-o-sphere. Or just do the womanly thing and loathe yourself for the way you imagine you’d look in these. [The Cut]

KVELL: If you haven’t already seen it on everyone’s Facebook page, this Dove ad will make you cry. They cleverly employ a police sketch artist to draw women as they see themselves, and how they are seen (so much more kindly) by strangers. NOTE: Even the kindest stranger will think you look terrible in these Tracy Anderson pants. [Dove]

MULTITASK: A new book tries to make “taskercise” happen. You know, cleaning while toning. Like pushups against your sink every time you do the dishes. Is this why¬†Modern Family‘s Gloria looks so amazing? [theFitSpot]

REPAIR: Using the power of the internet — and a tennis ball — to fight shin splits. Love it. [Terrapin Crossing]

THINK: Is your will to exercise influenced by your genes? If so, are we allowed to blame our moms for lazy weekends? [NYT Well blog]

One thought on “Crazy Low-Rise Leggings, Tennis Ball Therapy, and More: Links We Loved This Week

  1. Thanks for the link! I’m so encouraged my by own progress using this technique, I wish I could shout from the rooftops and tell everyone who suffers from shin splints about it! :)

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