Calming Prerace Nerves, Learning to Love A.M. Workouts, and More Links We Loved This Week

April 4, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 10.56.33 AMSETTLE DOWN, GIRL: If you can’t keep yourself from completely wigging out before a race, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts for keeping yourself together. Our favorite: Don’t unleash the crazy on others. [Runner's World]

STRAIGHT TRIPPIN’: Now that it’s finally safe to go on vacation again without fearing massive snow-related airport delays, we’re checking out these fitness-friendly destinations for ladies traveling solo. [Glamour]

LET IT OUT: When you’re feeling bloated, don’t just unbutton your pants and throw back your head in agony. Get in some downward dog again. Try these moves and start feeling human again. [FitSugar]

A.M. ATHLETICS: To people who work out in the evening, breaking a sweat before noon seems like crazy talk. But if you’re ready to transform your schedule (and benefit all day from the major boost of A.M. energy), these five tips will have you all atwitter about your new early bird routine. [Q by Equinox]

April Showers Bring May…Mud Runs

April 3, 2014

b18a1112fba1fbb36841ac58b2ab087eSo, mud runs. I admit, when I first heard about them, I was a little grossed out. (Though I’m still slightly scarred from the mud pits at Woodstock ’99, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t just mud.) But given the explosive popularity of playing dirty, especially among women, I think I might be ready mud it up. Here are just a few of the opportunities to have filthy fun next month.

May 3: Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run – Sacramento, CA

May 10: Mud on the Mountain – Seven Springs, PA

May 17: Jurassic Classic Mud Run – Hemet, CA

May 22: LoziLu Women’s Mud Run – Los Angeles, CA

May 31: Dirty Girl Mud Run – Raleigh area, NC

3 Sports Bras With Adjustable Closures So You’ll Always Have Juuust The Right Fit

April 1, 2014

There’s nothing worse than grabbing your sports bra out of the clean laundry and having to squueeze into it…or worse, if that’s the only time your slightly-too-big bra fits. OK, fine, there are way worse things than both of those scenarios but the bottom line is why suffer with a not-perfect sports bra band fit when it’s so easy to find cute adjustable ones? Here are three favorites, from the front and back:


1. Juno, $56 at Moving Comfort
Cool Feature:
Not only is the back a (padded) hook and eye, you can adjust the shoulder straps from the front.

2. Pretty-Pop Bra, $62 at Spanx
Cool Feature: Mesh side vents and padded straps — this is all about comfort, everywhere.

3. Urband Xover, $44 at Athleta
Cool Feature: A cross-back makes it extra-snug, but no wires means it’s never going to dig in.

3 Spring Tanks to Stash in Your Gym Bag in Case Winter Ever Ends

March 26, 2014

tanksHey, remember what your bare arms look like? Neither do we. Yet we refuse to abandon the dream of once again feeling the sunshine on our skin (without buying a last-minute ticket to Miami). If and when that day finally comes, we’ll be ready. And until we get some color, these prints should detract from our pale-to-the-point-of-being-translucent skin.

1. Quinn Top, $55 at Prana

2. Knotted Racerback Tank, $14 at Old Navy

3. Printed G87 Training Tank Top, $42 at Nike

Humility Check: Just When You Think You’re Fit, a New Workout Knocks You On Your Ass

March 18, 2014

Andy-after-running-a-grueling-29-minute-mileSo you’ve been working out pretty consistently. A healthy mix of spin, yoga, Pilates, and weight training. Some running, too. And then you try a new routine and technique that renders you virtually incapable of any physical activity for 24 hours.

That’s what happened to me last week when I tried a session at InForm Fitness in Manhattan as part of an event with  fitness brand (and SSA fave) Ellie. InForm is all about slow-motion strength training, and they say all you need is one 20-minute session a week. I balked, thinking that just working out for 20 minutes once a week was a gimmick. That was before I experienced the whole “hurts to even change my clothes” thing. more →

Cozy Wrap Sweaters To Fall Asleep In Post-Workout

March 11, 2014

After a great yoga class or run, there’s nothing like pulling on big, lovely blanket. Luckily, there’s one that’s societally acceptable—a gray wrap sweater that you will buy and then immediately live in. Here are three that are stunning, and really emphasize a good post-workout glow.

comfy-gray-wrap-sweaters1. St. Louis wrap, $99 at
Cool Feature: Suit jacket-like lapels make this juuust slightly fancy enough that you can wear it out to dinner, too.

2. Transformation wrap, $138 at
Cool Feature: A draw-cord down the back makes the fit adjustable, giving you the option to make it more/less blanket-ish and less/more sexy.

3. Monterey wrap, $98 at
Cool Feature: Thumbholes! Plus it’s a cashmere blend but still machine-washable.

Why I Hate Runners (Or Really, Winter)

March 3, 2014

running-cold-weather-1No spoiler alerts here, but I was enraged by the first scene of the new season of House Of Cards.

Because Season Two begins with Frank and Claire Underwood running. And that pissed me off.

Lately, all runners piss me off. People I am accustomed to smiling at (even annoyingly!), and even giving nerdy nods to, whether or not I’m actually running as well. Usually I see runners and I feel united, part of something bigger than myself. Usually I feel like I’m part of the best club I ever could have hoped to gain entry to.

But then winter happened.

more →

Prima Ballerina Prep, Beloved Sports Bras, and More Links We Loved This Week

February 28, 2014

swan-lake-w724EN POINTE: I’m headed to an NYCB production tonight (woo!), so I was especially excited to see that ballerina Zenaida Yanowsky has shared her experiences on what it’s really like to prepare for a lead role. We love these words of wisdom: “Total abstinence from alcohol will help too, but a man cannot live from ballet alone…” [Glamour]

OSCAR SPRINT: More of a running trail than red carpet kind of guy, longtime runner and Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern chats with Runner’s World about his status as a running “junkie” and how he’s staying active at 77. [Runner's World]

LESS BOUNCE PER OUNCE: If you’re an aspiring cardio queen but need help keeping the girls in check, take a look at this list of the five top-performing sports bras. [Refinery29]

Cute New Activewear To Make Winter (And You) Less Boring

February 26, 2014

Depression isn’t the only emotional winter issue — becoming boring is huge, too. See every day that it continues to be freezing/snowy/icy/miserable, your coversations sink into the same patterns. Is it over yet? Isn’t it the worst one yet? Do you want to move To Maui?
So, to combat seasonal boredom disorder, 3 pieces that could never be accused of being boring. Even if you’re totally guilty.


1. Pure & Good Lined Lace Jacket, $128 at Anthropologie
Cool Feature: Thumb-holes! And all the workout wear-perks you’d expect from a hard-working jacket (+ cute lace.)

2. Nike Midnight Craftwork Tights, coming to Nike February 28
Cool Feature: Artist Yuko Kanatani’s second collaboration with Nike features hand-drawings plus photography of actual beads, spangles, ribbons, and candy wrappers (!) sewn into fabric.

3. Work Out Life Cut It Out top, $81 at Carbon38
Cool Feature: Extra-long shirt + sleeve cut-outs makes for the perfect modesty+sexiness ratio

I Felt Like a Jerk Walking Out of Yoga Class (But I Don’t Regret It)

February 24, 2014


When it comes to being on time for yoga class, I’m pretty judge-y. Oh, and “on time” doesn’t mean getting to a 11:30 a.m. class on Saturday at 11:32 a.m., destroying the zen and well-spaced mat layout of everyone who got to class 10-15 minutes early. And leaving class early? Hey, I get it if you need to beat the rush to the showers and get to work for an early weekday meeting. Otherwise, stay for shavasana, people.

I just broke my own rule.

Attempting to switch up my routine, I headed to the gym and unrolled my mat for a different class and instructor than I had taken before. I wasn’t worried; while I had favorite instructors, every vinyasa class I’d taken there had been challenging, thoughtful, and relatively fast-paced. The class started off slowly, which was understandable since it was frigid outside and everyone needed to warm up. But then it stayed slow. Sooo. Slooow.

I checked the clock and realize the class was half over and we were still moving like we were in slow motion. Was it my problem? Did I just need to adjust my thinking after taking so many spin classes lately? more →